2 years ago on April 25th, 2015 a massive earthquake struck Nepal. One of my own students from Bhaktapur died along with 9k people in Nepal.
In these past years we have been working every day to become experts in DIY housing and creating safe spaces for girls to live, work, and learn. Now to get long term approval for our new Foreign Direct Investment social venture we need to show the government an additional $34k on top of the $16k we have already raised. Due to that requirement we are launching this new fund and we hope you can help us again: https://www.tilt.com/ti…/nepal-earthquake-year-2-relief-fund
Summary of how the funding will be used:
-Running the 2 existing centers (Bhaktapur and Chitwan) built in the past 2 years on a minimal budget.
-Start a training center and garden on a new property.
-Continue to build housing offer food and education for girls living in our shelter.
-Expanding our team and invest more time and resources to our craft and fashion business that will let us be self sufficient before the end of this year.
-Establishing a jungle community center and working to start an eco-village in Chitwan.
For people to understand this effort more, I am counting up all the expenses and I will update this campaign with detailed past/projected 6 months budget.
After the earthquake we raised over $16k and we spent it right away to build our shelter. Since then we have expanded our team and start using natural materials. That’s why I am urging all past supporters to help us once again on the second anniversary of the Nepal disaster. Invest in the future of girls in Nepal by giving power to our talented local team. We need your help to replicate the same support we felt after the earthquake.
This year I have been committed to fundraise for the critical and specific projects. I have launched successful campaigns from $100 to $1,200. Now I want to give this a shot, to publish the full funding goal we need to reach. It gives me a place to show the data and present the short and long term plans. In the past 2 years I have tried to be active on social media, but I haven’t revealed big picture info as we rebuild the post-earthquake project for girls in Nepal. It has been a complicated and challenging job but I am really happy with the results this past year.
Recently we have gotten girls speaking english within months of training. Girls from our village in Chitwan get married on average between 12 and 14. It is scary to witness and also sad but I’ve seen how effective our programs are to prevent child marriage and end abuse. I need to share this information so that at least some people understand how much impact this project is making. Creating hope for these girls has become what I want more than anything in my life.
We have so much progress and potential now all we need is enough funds to be secure in our expansion. Then many more girls can be welcome and get access to education, food, housing, and jobs. Now we have the manpower and experience to build our own houses for $1k and buy land for new training/ housing hubs for $1.5k to $2k.
We are working to reduce or eliminate our dependance on donations. But now with so many girls from Chitwan who want to live at our properties we have needed a lot of money for education and food expenses every month. As we develop our production and sales I’m sure we will cover all our project expenses but for now we still need your help to raise $34k and launch the new stage of growth.
Reaching this goal can look like this:
34 people giving $1,000
10 people giving $3,400
680 people giving $50
Monthly giving: https://goo.gl/96bNVz
10 people giving $280 monthly for 1 year
100 people giving $28 monthly.
Many Thanks and Love from our team.