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2 years ago on April 25th, 2015 a massive earthquake struck Nepal. One of my own students from Bhaktapur died along with 9k people in Nepal. In these past years we have been working every day to become experts in DIY housing and creating safe spaces for girls to live, work, and learn. Now to get long term approval for our new Foreign Direct Investment social venture we need to show the government an additional $34k on top of the $16k we have already raised. Due to that requirement we are launching this new fund and we hope you can help us again:…/nepal-earthquake-year-2-relief-fund Summary of how the funding will be used:
-Running the 2 existing centers (Bhaktapur and Chitwan) built in the past 2 years on a minimal budget.
-Start a training center and garden on a new property.
-Continue to build housing offer food and education for girls living in our shelter.
-Expanding our team and invest more time and resources to our craft and fashion business that will let us…